Ultimate Guide to Peach Makeup – for Lips, Cheeks & Eyes.

When you think of peaches what do you think of? Aside from the booty emoji of course. 

I think we can unanimously agree that peaches evoke an aesthetic of plump, juicy goodness, and that is EXACTLY the vibe we want when creating the perfect peachy pout.

Here are our top 3 peach lipstick looks to suit all skin tones.

Peachy Pout:

  1. Korean Lip Tint Trend – Is giving us effortless, is giving us sweetness, is giving us picnics in the park and peach belinis at brunch. This lipstick trend is all about ‘a little goes a long way’, with just a hint of peachy pigment in the centre of the lips. We recommend using our liquid lipstick in shade Dalia. Apply Dalia to the inner centre of the lips and then bloting/buffing out with your finger, this will create an inverse gradient effect.
  1. Peach Centre – It is all about an outlined lip and peach centre filling! The perfect way to rock a peach tone in the PM. Line your lips with a darker tone, we recommend our shades Anyana or Elvira. Then fill in your lippy look with our shade Dalia. This combination with add depth and definition to your look. 
  1. Monochromatic Lip – Means business. You want that peachy pigment to be prominent and the stand out of your makeup look. Go ahead and apply our 2-IN-1 shade Dalia to the entire lip, using both ends to achieve comfortable, long lasting and full coverage results.

Now that you’ve mastered the lips, on to the cheeks!

Peach and cheeks are a total match made in heaven, the warm tone can save you from looking tired and washed out to a glowing goddess in just seconds. Here are our 3 cheeky tint tips to peach blush.  

Blushing Peach:

  1. Natural glow – Okay, so the fool proof application of peach on the cheeks is to apply a natural flush of peach pigment to the apples of the cheeks, no more no less. We recommend applying the hydrating stick cheek tint in our shade Dalia. First swatch the product on a blush brush then lightly dust the brush on the cheeks. Build softly till happy with the coverage. This technique will give you the PERFECT no makeup, makeup.
  1. Spring flush – For our fashion friend who loves a runway moment, why not try exaggerated peach cheeks. This is when you apply the cheek tint to the apple of the cheeks all the way up to your temples. Remember this isn’t for the faint heart, it is all of nothing when wearing this look. Apply the hydrating stick cheek tint end of Dalia 2-IN-1.
  1. Golden peach – Give em’ glow with a highlighted golden peach cheek tint. Apply the peach blush (using Dalia) to the apples of the cheeks then apply a warm tone shimmer highlighter above the cheek bones. This will lift your face and create an ethereal goddess glow.


Next, let’s look at eyes!

Peach eyeshadow is notoriously a summer look HOWEVER a peach eye can also creep into your autumnal makeup looks depending on the application. Here are our top 3 eye looks to incorporate all year round.

Pigmented Peachy Peepers

Spring/Summer Shadow – Peaches are in season, theoretically and quite literally! Capitalise on your spring/summer glow with a soft peach eyeshadow. Apply our liquid eyeshadow in shade Dalia to the centre of the eyelids and buff/blend till you are happy with the finish. 

60’s Block Shadow – perfect all year round, this eye shadow technique is about packing pigment to the lids and keeping the edges of your shadow look crisp and tight. Apply Dalia on the entire eyelid and then tidy up the edges with concealer.

Liquid Liners – a peachy POP of colour is welcome all year round. All you have to do to create the perfect wing is use a thin lining/lip brush, coat the bristles with Dalia 2-IN-1 and then glide the pigment across the edge of the eyelids.

Now that you have all the tips and tricks it is time to get in some PEACH practice!

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