70‘s Bollywood Makeup - Sharmeen Tutorial

The aesthetic of 70’s Bollywood is honestly something of MAGIC. It was a beautiful mixture of culture, dance, music and fashion. As you can imagine the 70’s was a time where bigger was better and this was definitely evident in the makeup and beehive hairstyle that women like my mother would rock on the regular, plus pair this with a patterned embroidered saree and oohh mmmy gawwwd we can’t even deal with the sauce! This makeup tutorial is a flirtatious depiction of the 70’s Bollywood femme fatale, with emphasis on a seductive yet innocent eye. The lips are pigmented with the 2-IN-1 Lipstick shade Sharmeen, which is a divine berry red colour with accents of dusty rose and mauve. Watch the tutorial below to see how we created the look.

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]