Get to know the TASNEEM Cosmetics Crew

Look I could easily give you a straight forward Pantone description on each TASNEEM Cosmetics shade, but what’s the fun in that. PLUS every single shade from our 2-IN-1 collection has their very own personality and characteristics… yes it is that deep. 

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the TASNEEM Cosmetics Crew.


Sahara stands true to her name, she is everything sun kissed, natural in beauty and exudes a sense of home yet mystery. Sahara is that of a girl of the diaspora, who’s identity reflects and blends the worlds and cultures of the past and present. With full transparency Sahara says what she means and means what she says.

Pantone description - sandy nude


She’s style, she’s grace! Contessa is giving old money… If her privileged pursed lips could talk oh boy would she have some juicy aristocratic gossip. Contessa is calm, composed and effortlessly witty. She’s easy to love but even easier to envy. 

Pantone description - mauve nude


Dalia is the visual representation of Spring and day dreaming. Soft and sweet in tone and presence. Resoundingly likeable, Dalia has this infectious and contagious way of making you feel joyful. Oh and not to mention, she’s as pretty as a peach! 

Pantone description - peachy nude


Viola, she’s in your face, she’s kind of obnoxious BUT she’s incredible fun. Most likely to have all the party treats (iykyk), and she’s a big believer in sharing is caring!  She dabbles in djing, her ego is enormous and her mouth is even bigger. She’s most likely to spontaneously cut a fringe on a whim, and drunk comment on an ex’s engagement post. 

Pantone - tamarillo red


If confidence could kill Wewak would be an assassin. She is so self assured, sexy and frankly a little intimidating. She’s not one to shy away from her opinions, she is fiercely passionate and cripplingly loyal, the type of bitch that takes ride or die to a whole new level. 

Pantone - blood orange red


Rumi, the one that feels so deeply in every way. Who’s entire being evokes that of heartbreaking poetry. Rumi is the type to leave a lasting impression, the type to bestow wisdom and clarity beyond her years. She is food for thought, she is brutal honesty, she is the confronting mirror reflecting the depths of yourself. 

Pantone - deep burgundy red


Simply put, a ‘Goddess’. She is striking, she is aluminise, she is etherial. Her beauty quite literally will take your breath away. Bahati, feels like a historic heirloom oil painting, destined to be admired throughout time. 

Pantone - caramel brown


A cozy gal, who relishes in solitude and prefers the company of her house plants that she tenderly nurtures with devoted attention, and psychedelic funk music vibrating through her industrial warehouse apartment. She’s centred and earthy, the type that makes her daily chai from scratch, because it would be sacrilege to her ancestors if she did otherwise. 

Pantone - chestnut brown


She’s an all star, she is fashion, she is style, she is MOTHER. Anyana is the type to become someones muse, borderline a stalkers obsession. She’s infuriatingly aware of her captivating qualities which she can magically finesse and flair to obtain anything and everything she desires. 

Pantone - cocoa brown


Ishtar is a total “it girl”, she is likeable, she is inspo, she is aesthetically pleasing. Ishtar is the host with the most, who has the ability to curate immaculate vibes with the drop of a hat. She’s the gal you go to when you need ANY recommendation... be it skincare, books, hairdressers! She also somehow knows all the best hidden and exclusive restaurant spots. Being friends with Ishtar is like stumbling on the best kept secret. 

Pantone - terracotta pink


She’s moody, she’s witty and sarcasm is her middle name. Lolita sees the comedic relief and irony in everything, she’s aware that life is one sick joke, so why not pop the expensive Champagne and eat the god damn caviar on a Wednesday. Lolita lives a life of lux and quality, she sleeps in silk pyjamas, buys fresh flowers weekly, and opts for the extortionately pricey Jo Malone handwash… why? because simple pleasures. 

Pantone - mauve pink


If flirting for fun was a sport Sharmeen would be the gold medalist. The eye contact alone will have you blushing bright! She’s bubbly, she's vibrant, she is that POP to the party. But best believe this girl is booked and busy, with one hundred and three things on the to do list, the likeliness of an IRL catch up is next to impossible. However, on the rare occasion the catch up makes it out the WhatsApp chat, best believe it will feel like no time has past! 

Pantone - fuchsia pink

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]