Match your Makeup & Understand Your Skin's Undertone. Colour Guide for People of Colour (POC)

Trigger alert… finding the right makeup shade for your skin tone!

Who else shutters at their teenage trauma of matching makeup for their skin tone? I know for me growing up it was an awkward string of beauty blunders, be it the AWFUL pale pink lipstick trend to the whitewashing foundations I so countlessly trialled. 

TODAY we are going to unpack our beauty baggage and discuss how to identify what makeup shades suit YOU and how to select makeup products when shopping online.

To keep things cute and categorised we are going to break down our testing tips into three areas of makeup products: lipsticks, cheek tints, eyeshadows/eyeliners.


Let's start with the most fun, lipstick!

Outside of matching the right foundation, lipstick is probably the most confusing makeup product to match. When you have 50 variations of the shade red it can all start to sound like a surrealist painting, which let’s be honest, is only chic’ if you’re Salvador Dali.

To simplify the process, you’ll need to have an understanding of what your skin's base tone is and what your skin's undertone is. Base tones and undertones are very different, for example many People of Colour (POC) have a 'brown' base skin tone with varying undertones. Undertones are the unique natural colours underneath the surface of the skin and these undertones vary for all people. 

Undertones can take on many hues but as a basic break down there are 3 main colour categories: yellow undertone, pink undertone and blue undertone.

If your skin has a yellow undertone it is best to find lipsticks that are warmer in hue and also have a slightly yellow wash to them. Tones like oranges, browns and earthy reds are great choices for your skin tone.

Pink undertone skin, again should adopt an element of flush and pink to the colour. Beautiful fuchsia, pinky peach and rose tone lipsticks are ideal for this type of skin tone. 

For blue undertone skin, keep cool and collected with cool tone lipstick shades such as mauve, deep purple burgundy and muted blue base reds.

You are probably noticing by now, that the trick to matching makeup is to simply enhance your natural complexion/undertone.


Our fool proof recommendation to applying a cheek tint is to keep within your natural undertone. However, if you did want to get a little cheeky, you can create drama and pop to your blush/cheek tint by applying the opposite tone to your undertone, i.e. if you have a blue undertone complexion try a pink undertone shade for a flush and bright blush moment.

The reason you can be risky with the blush is because of the amount applied, blushes/cheek tints are only there to allude not announce.


With eyes we AGAIN recommend matching your eyeshadow and liquid liners to your skin’s undertone, BUT if you want to play with colours and contrasts, feel free to do so with a graphic wing liner moment. 


Now you have some undertone insight check out our product undertone breakdown to find your perfect TASNEEM Cosmetics match!


Sahara: A warm tone sand nude shade. 

Dalia: A warm peachy tone nude shade. 

Bahati: A warm yellow tone brown shade. 

Elvira: A warm tone chestnut brown shade. 

Wewak: A warm tone blood orange shade. 


Sharmeen: A pink tone bright fuchsia shade. 

Ishtar: A warm tone pinky brown shade.


Lolita: A cool tone mauve pink brown shade.  

Anyana: A cool tone deep brown shade.

Viola: A cool tone blue based vibrant red shade. 

Contessa: A cool tone mauve nude shade. 

Rumi: A cool tone deep burgundy shade.  

[Mood board images sourced via pinterest]